Poet, Writer, & Storyteller With Over 2 Million Readers Worldwide

JAM's articles focusing on social justice and pop-culture have garnered international acclaim. Her writings have been featured on the Huffington Post, Business Insider, LA Progressive, TV One, Black Commentator, SiriusXM, & AllAfrica.com. Readers also enjoy weekly posts on her personal blog, OurLegaci.com.

Kanye’s Frantz Fanon Complex

is JAM\’s most widely discussed article. Academics, pop-culture enthusiasts and activists nationwide have discussed her analysis in academic articles, journals and books. It has been read by 158,000 readers and circulated by over 1,000 websites to date.

Please Excuse Davontaye, He Suffers From Povertenza

is a popular satirical article about how Black marginalized youth face harsher penalties in the criminal justice system than their privileged counterparts. It has been read by 530,000 readers and circulated by over 600 websites to date.

Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z

brought a pivotal discussion to the forefront, on the crosshairs of activism, and accountability among mainstream commercial artists. It has been read by 1 million readers and circulated by over 700 websites to date.

Assism Is Not Feminism

expanded the discussion on what feminism means and how it relates to imagery of women\’s bodies, capitalism and patriarchal male gaze. It has been read by 11,500 readers and circulated by over 900 websites to date.

Dismantling Collective Amnesia

is a reflective piece where JAM discusses her family\’s escape from sharecropping in the 1940s. She emphasizes the importance of memory in terms of understanding racial oppression and how it affects future generations. It was featured on Wordpress.com\’s Freshly Pressed series.

33 Brilliant Quotes From Legendary Black Women Writers

is a compilation of JAM\’s favorite quotes from some of the most celebrated Black women writers. It was read by 5,000+ readers on OurLegaci.com and circulated by 2,800 websites.

Light Girls: When Documentaries Get It Wrong

is a review of Light Girls, a follow up to Dark Girls by Bill Duke. JAM discussed a series of pertinent issues with how the film depicted the experiences of Black women with varying skin tones. It was read by 9,500 readers and circulated by over 600 websites.

What Really Happens On Vacation

is an article focusing on the ills of sex tourism along with why and how it happens. JAM bases the article on observations from her travels in Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. The article was read by 110,000 readers and circulated across the Pan African World.

JAM's Picks

JAM reviews some of her favorite online articles and videos.